Educating girls has been a topic from very long... Malalla fought for education of girls. It is a girl's right to study. Why are we stereotyping? or discriminating? Why is it important that girls only do the home chores. Why can't a boy do?
Boys are misbehaving with girls like damini. In some villages people do child marriage and then they tell the girls to do the home chores and boy to go to study.
why can't girls study? there might be some girls who are better than boys.
Our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi launched a beti bachao campaign.The Beti Bachao campaign is supported by numerous medical organizations in India, including the Indian Medical Association. This had been a success in
India. In 2009, in gujarat it was noticed that the rates of female births have increased from 802 - 882. Though now also some people disagree to educate their daughters and force them to do home chores. I believe that one day there would be more girls than boys and would be at the top of education. I believe girls would leave boys behind. So Save girl child and Educate girls