a new married couple is living in a home and they have 2 children too. all the people notice the wife as mrs. murthy. mrs. murthy is an intelligent, ambitious girl before getting marry. but after getting marry, her whole world is her house and she always strive to keep her house cleep. her daily main work that she choose is to clean each and every corner without having dust and have to keep designs (muggu). one day mrs. murthy realize that she had forgotten her name. In her swabbing zeal, she forgotten her name. at that time she felt that she lost her own identity and self respect. we she asked this to her neighbours they says that they call her as mrs. murthy. when she asked about it to her hsband he says that he used to call her 'emoyi' since she didnt tell her name upto then. when she asked her children they says that they used o call 'amma'. then she made a decision that s to go and see on the certificates that she got. so she went to her mother's home. on the way, her old friend prameela called her as " Sarada.. how r u?". then she realize that her name is that time she feels that she got her self respect and identity again. she talks to her and went to home. and says to her husband "from now onwards. don't call me yemoi gemoi. just call me as Sarada. thats my name"
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