Water is the most imp thing on earth.without water no life.We take it for granted, we waste it, and we even pay too much to drink it from little plastic bottles.It's hard for most of us to imagine that clean, safe water is not something that can be taken for granted. But, in the developing world, finding a reliable source of safe water is often time consuming and expensive. This is known as economic scarcity. Water can be simply requires more resources to do it.

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Water is a major source of life. Without water no life would survive on the earth. As our body contains 70% of water in the same way earth also contains 70% of water. But the question arise does complete 70% water is fit for drinking. No, only a small amount of water can be used for drinking. People waste water countinously, many places we see water taps are kept open and water flows out no one take tension to close tap but all should awake from now only as if there would be  no water there would be no life.
Water also inspire us as it continously moves we should also move. If a water is collected over a place it get germs in it. In the same way if a person stops moving ahead the person also start gaining bad habits in their life. So, like a flowing water we should also move continously towards our goal and if we get our desired goal then again we should set up another goal to achieve it. We also should inspire other to move ahead as water do.