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When the sun rises in Arunachal Pradesh, it is still night in Gujarat because:-
1) The earth rotates from west to east and so, the sun rises earlier in Arunachal Pradesh than in Gujarat.
2) The sun rises from the east and moves toward the west. Arunachal Pradesh is to the east of Gujarat.
3) There is 2 hour difference between the meridians of A.P and Gujarat. This causes a time lag of 2 hours. So, it is still night in Gujarat when day in A.P.

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1- It is because the sun takes 2 minutes to pass a longitude .
2- As Arunachal Pradesh is located on the eastern side the sun rises            early
3- And as Gujarat is the west, there are 30 longitudes between Arunachal      Pradesh and Gujarat thus the sun rises at 6 pm in Arunachal Pradesh        and it takes time to cross the longitudes (1 hour) so it rises at 7 pm in       Gujarat
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