French revolution is the birth place for modern democracy 
 People of france:
            During the 18th century  begin  pople of frenc very moderate and in helping nature.they wehere the hard working people especial 3 state .
Class of People :
         In franc there 3 class upper class .In mids of lavish spending in war around 1750 and 1state and the administration class called 2state and king ship people called as 1 state 
Trade deficit:
           During the 18th century start france hade a trade problem with british so they have pay more tax to use there sea region
 Helping the war
         During the american revo franc help George Washington in rearming them with gun's ships and canon b'coz they d't like there cousin(British people) by helping so they think they can gain control of the trade route     
Bran ruput:
       As helping the american revolution that made franc bankrupt .every 1 blamed king for this .The French government faced a fiscal crisis in the 1780s, and King Louis XVI was blamed for mishandling these affairs
so people strugle to get food form the king but king simply denied and reduce the expenditure for minister .this gave them to pass a bill regarding enlightenment act which gave them many writers to write about arrogance of of king .this causes the first French revolution in 1789