European and the British counter parts all-way fascinated about the east due to marka polo and love very much spice especial tea and pepper .when the trade root to east through present day turkey put a high tax on trade and lost a foot hill in Istanbul so they need a other trade root at the time every 1 think that world is flat so sea root will be no way reaching india and china .finally marko polo made the trade root possible and british gain upper hand in defeting spain in the sea root so queen of england send a  expedition In 1612, James I instructed sir Thomas roe to visit the  mughal emperor Nuruddin Salim jahangir (r. 1605 – 1627)
       thus mughal gave them the small potion of land in india .surat is the palce in east india so they called there trade as EAST INDIA COMPANY.they gave potion of money to the mughal counter part as good sine of gesture so they gain a friend ship sign from the king . initially English people intention is in trade when they get greedy they started theto play  big plotical role in india as well as in china.  
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Due to the lack of unity among Indian rulers
Lack of resources
The above were the reasons
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