All animals are friendly and they love humans . we can become a friend with animal and get there love but it is hard to get , if the person who has pet is treating his pet nicely then it is possible, however now the animals don't believe humans because humans started haunting animals for there skin , bone etc . 
love of animal is really beautiful in this the human and the animal believe each other . there is story that represent a love of a dog to his master 
one day the dog and his master went for jog while jogging suddenly his masters leg slipped and he fell down his leg got facture , they cant go for the help also  because they came so far from the main area . so both the master and the dog were waiting for the help that some one will come and help them , they were waiting it became night and no one came the dog was sitting near his master and licking his hand the master was in pain they both there night there in the mountain it self . morning the master couldn't control his pain and he said his pet to get help and come but the dog was not going because he don't want to leave his master and go in that situation . but his master scolded and send him to get help then the dog went and got help .after few years after master became fit again they went to same mountain for the jog . The  master is alive because of his dog . it show that how much pet loves his master .