So this topic is for a descriptive essay.let me first tell something about relious festivals.the people of every religion has its own festivals whose features differ a lot from the festivals of other religions.let me give some examples.christians celebrate christmas ,muslims celebrate id ul fitar , hindus celebrate diwali,durga puja,saraswati puja,kali puja etc.i am a muslim so i celebrate id ul fitar every year along with my family.last year i was present to celebrate this festival along with my joint was a hot summar mornig when i woke up and had a bath.on this day everyone wears new as everyone i too wore my newly gifted dress by my father.i saw all the boys going to the mosque in white kurti and pajama.all of them came back after about 1 hour.i even saw that my aunt and my mother were cooking delicious food items and deserts for us.all my cousins were ready in their new dresses.we all went out to see the views of that morning.the elder ones blessed us and gave us some amount of money.the whole morning passed and it was evening when our mother gave us the delicious desserts to eat.we all enjoyed the food and went out to play.our mothers performed namaz and finally the whole festival was over.we all were very tired and so we all rested for sometime.this was a very enjoyable day for me.i will remeber this day for a long period of time .
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