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2Ethane(C2H6) + 7oxygen (O2) ----> 4Carvon dioxide + 6Water

60g                            224g                   176g                 108g

1g                            224g/60

3g                            224x3/60=11.2g

no. of moles of O2 = 11.2g/32

Volume of O2 = 11.2 x 22.4/32 = 7.84 L Ans

Sorry I couldn't write the chemical reaction with symbols but I have written it as balanced chemical reaction.

Explanation - As you can see from the balanced chemical equation 60 g ethane requires 224 g of oxygen . So, by unitary method 1 g ethane requires (224/60) g oxygen and 3 g ethane requires (224 x 3 / 60) g oxygen , i.e., 11.2 g oxygen. 
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