Which part of the digestive canal is involved in:
(i) absorption of food ________________.
(ii) chewing of food ________________.
(iii) killing of bacteria ________________.
(iv) complete digestion of food ________________.
(v) formation of faeces ________________.
NCERT Solutions for Class 7th Science Chapter 2 Nutrition in Animals Page 21 Exercise Question 9



1)  small intestine
2)  buccal cavity
3)  stomach
4)  small intestine
5)  large intestine
1 5 1
(i) Absorption of food: Small intestine
(ii) Chewing of food: Buccal cavity_(teeth).
(iii) Killing of bacteria: Stomach (hydrochloric acid)
(iv) Complete digestion of food: Small intestine
(v) Formation of faeces: Large intestine