Match the items of Column I with suitable items in Column II
Column I
(a) Salivary gland
(b) Stomach
(c) Liver
(d) Rectum
(e) Small intestine
(f ) Large intestine
Column II
(i) Bile juice secretion
(ii) Storage of undigested food
(iii) Saliva secretion
(iv) Acid release
(v) Digestion is completed
(vi) Absorption of water
(vii) Release of faeces
NCERT Solutions for Class 7th Science Chapter 2 Nutrition in Animals Page 21 Exercise Question 11



(a) Salivary gland  - (iii) Saliva secretion
(b) Stomach - (iv) Acid release
(c) Liver - (i) Bile juice secretion
(d) Rectum - (ii) Storage of undigested food
(e) Small intestine - (v) Digestion is completed
(f ) Large intestine - (vi) Absorption of water