He is in need of money and he don't have money in the correct time to give it to his friend!!1 so the only way he can get money is by signing the fatal bond !!!!
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i hopr u know the meaning of describe.
Antonio didnot have enough money to give his friend for marrying his ladylove.
Antonio , the good money lender went to Shylock, the shrewed money lender of Venice.They both were enemies, so shylock took advantage of this situation and made antonio sign the fatalbond. ButAntonio was not able to return the money on time. As a result antonio was presented infront of the judge in the court.  The contract said that shylock will cit a pound of flesh from a part of antonio's body according to his desire if the money was not returned on date.
Atlast Antonio's was saved by the wit of his friend's wife who disguised herself as a lawyer and fought for Antonio's justice.she made Shylock agree to accept the money though it was late.She also pointed that the contract said only about the flesh and not about bleeding.Shylock was unable to cut a pound of flesh wothout a drop of blood.As a resultAntonio's life was saved. 
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