Wall hanging= waste cardbord , waste decorating things ,use wedding cards

pen holder = it can made by any waste bottle ,color papers or newspapers,some waste which is usefull for decoration

1.Bookmarks Made out of Popsicle Sticks-
 Make some cute looking bookmarks for your grandparents using popsicle sticks, wiggly eyes, glue, felt tips pens and the bits and pieces of fabrics you can find in your mom’s DIY kit.
2.A key chain from an old, expired credit card- My 11 year old brother made me this key holder last week, using my dad’s old credit card. He simply punched a hole into the expired card, run an old ring through it. And lo! You have a cool key chain out of waste credit card.
3.Amazing Things With Your Tennis Ball -
Let your creative juices flow and make a cool wall hanging for your  room using an old tennis ball. Just see how many fantastic things you can create out of a simple ball.