Do a survey of five families in your locality using 2G and 3G network of different service providers and prepare a data and represent the data by a histogram. write your conclusion

can u pls give a solution ...... Its urgent!!!!!
hmm mera bhi yahi hai yrr , sunbeam varuna ?



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See a sample histogram, for comparison of data for different providers for different services 2G and 3G networks.

a histogram is a graph with a number represented by the height of rectangles.
on the x axis we have different providers or services.

the rectangles are of same width.  it is mainly to compare the heights.

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* intervals but your file don't have it
can you pls give me the solution....Its urgent
its only of 5 Families nt persons
the class intervals would be uniform, same for all.. The height of histograms is more important... there is no real importance to the width of bars in the histograms.
i have given an example... you could please alter and suit the diagram, statistics, data to your needs, and wish. suit it to your wish.