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Role of Financial intermediaries perform an important role in the development process, particularly through their role in allocating resources to their most productive uses. More efficient financial markets help economic agents hedge, trade, pool risk, raising investment and economic growth. Financial institutions provide consumers and commercial clients with a wide range of services and different types of banking products. The importance of financial institutions to the wider economy is apparent during market booms and recessions. During economic upturns, financial institutions provide the financing that drives economic growth, and during recessions, banks curtail lending.
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Role Of Banks in Trade adn Union Sector-
1. in trade sector most the things are exported from one place to another here the cash can be transferred easily from one place to another without any dues or problems.
2.Traders can save their extra money in bank as fixed diposit so that whenever their is loss in their business they invest their money in right time after thinking and it is also helping in saving money which may get loss in fixing this opportunity.
3.their is risk management service-bank is allowing businessmen to pool their risk from exposure to financial and commodity market.
4.Their Promotion of Entrepreneurship -as the the private sectors are helpful in increasing the economic growth of the country.Bank is increasing the participation of private sector for economic development;.
5.If Traders want some money to grow their business they can get loans at a reasonable price from the Bank.
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