My summer was amazing . In the early June I went to go and see my family in California. California was Fantastic I did so many stuff and went so many places . My most favorite part of my trip is when my cousin Gisele had a pool party . Gisele was turning 6 years old . In July I had to go home I was upsetting . the Middle of August I went to my cousin house that I call sister to spend the night because she is my age and we have a lot in common. As a family we went skating it was fun i learn how to skate better than i new how to last time me and shenquia skate together most of the time and if i fall she help me up and if she fall i help her up we went out to eat after that at Cicis pizza I ate a lot . My summer was fantastic so far more amazing stuff stuff is coming soon i just have to wait .
This year my vocation are spectacular. I go to a summer camp and I eat marshmallow at night and tell stories to each other. Then I come back to home we go to nanis home we do party at nanis house. We go to holidays at Kashmir we also to dull lake and do fun . my vocation are fabulous