Microorganism are usefull in many ways to humans as they are used in indurstry mainly for the production of different compounds such as enzymes, organic acids, antibiotics, vitamins, they help in bakery industries in which chees, yoghurt etc. are produced with help of microbial action and also in alcohol industries. They are also helpfull in wasteproduct degradation as they are also natural decomposers. Now a days researches are being carried for extracting some biofuel from microbes. And they also help in reacillimatisation or barren lands. Disadvantage of microbes is their pathogenicity to man and other animals especially farm animals. Microbes are the new threat as they are used as bioterrisom these days for e.g. antrax causing bacteria bacillus anthracis
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1)They help in production of food materials such as bread, cheese, curd,etc.
2)Helps in preparation of vaccine.
3) Helps in fermentation.
4) Serves as an important part of carbon and nitrogen cycle.
1) Responsible for rotting of food.
2) responsible for tooth decay.
3) They spread diseases.
4) Are somtimes responsible for whooping of plants.
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