It is true that sea salt has some mercury and other toxic metals in it. However, the high trace mineral content of the sea salt is so helpful for most people.hNatural salt is generally a very healthful product. Unrefined sea salt is an important source of minerals. This is especially today, as the food supply is mineral-deficient due to hybrid crops, modern agriculture methods and food processing and refining. Unrefined salt has little or no effect on blood pressure. It helps maintain electrolyte and osmotic balance. It also has an alkalinizing effect on the body and is an extremely yang food in Chinese medical terminology. The sodium it contains is critical for osmotic balance and to solubilize other minerals in the blood. Deficiency of sodium causes other minerals to become biounavailable and precipitate into the soft tissues and elsewhere. All the above are very positive reasons to eat salt on food. Avoiding a quality unrefined sea salt is rarely necessary, and often harmful since it is a source of vital minerals.
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Chlorine gas is poisonous and suffocating in nature. But when it reacts with sodium to form NaCl, it loses it poisonous nature and hence doesnt create a problem when we consume it.