Displacement means the distance a person covers,when he returns to the same place where he started the displacement will be 0.
distance is the  area a person travels in equal or unequal intervals
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    Distance                                                      Displacement

.The distance travelled by a moving       .The displacement of a body is the 
body is the actual lenght o the path        shortest distance between the initial 
covered by the body, irrespective of        and the final positios of the body.
the direction.

.Distance travelled is a scalar quantity     .displacement is a vector quantity.

.Distance travelled is always positive       .Displacement may be positive,                                                                        negative or zero.

.Distance travelled is always greater        .Displacement is always less than
than or equal to the displacement.            or equal to the distance travelled.
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If displacement is negative, it does not mean that the displacement is getting decreased, it means that the displacement is taking opposite direction. And hence the negative sign indicates that the object is moving in the opposite direction with respect to its initial position.
The distance is also said to be the magnitude of displacement.