In today's generation, we may have many times seen that some people get their elders or parents out of their house and we have also seen many people talking rudely in bad behavior with others. Why do the do so? Their parents were with them when they were small child who scares to move ahead by his feet and makes his first step when his parents hold his hands But he leaves his parents hands when they are unable to move ahead due to their old age. They are the one who taught us how to face the world. They are the one who make us strong to overcome difficulties. They are the one who help us to forget our sorrows and overcome mental tension. They are the great source of determination for us. Just think of a life where there would be no grand person to guide us how to live and pass the whole life, then what could happen to us. They have sacrificed a lot to make our life happier and easier but in return we give then arguments, rude behavior and sometimes a punishment also. It's wrong.
We are the young generation of the world and the future is for us. Whatever we do in the future would be followed by our next generation and the same would be done by the latter generation, if nothing would go wrong. To improve their condition in today's world, we should share posts related to senior citizens on social networking sites and launch a campaign to save and increase their rights. When every person makes his behavior correct then on that day every person could live with peace, fraternity.
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