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1.  Uranus = God of Sky in Greek mythology
         Varuna -  god of skies, clouds, seas, water, rain.. in Indian mythology

2.  Gala  -  Goddess of Earth  in Greek mythology
       Bhoomi, Bhoomata, Bhoo Devi, : Hindu mythology

3.  Gwydion:  - a magician and god of war:  in greek.
       Indian mythology: Indra is the god of magic. (Indrajal).

4. Agnar:  perhaps like Agni  fire..

5.  Gahmuret:  perhaps like garutmat...

6. Geirrodr:  indian god  Garuda  the big  eagle.. vehicle of Lord vishnu


8)   Achilees :  like Arjuna in Mahabharata
     Achilles : in greek mythology,,  Perhaps like Duryodhana - whose body was made invincible by his mother in some way.  However, some part was not made protective.  The opponent kills by shooting/hitting in that area o f  the body.

9)  Perseus :  from Greek mythology :  like Parasurama in MahaBharata
         they behead a woman with some thing like an axe or sword

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Thanks for the clues and the final answers too.. You are really a genius.. :)
:) your good will !
uranus - varuna;; Gwydion: Indra;; Gahmuret : Achala? ;; Peredur : Vashistha ? ;; Perseus : Parasurama ;; Gala : Gayatri ;; Agnar : Agni ;; Geirrodr: Garuda ;; Achilles: Vishnu - Krishna
thanks a lot...