Newspaper Is better than television becuase-
1.light radiation emitting through television may harm our eyes but newspaper wont. has some certain time to tune in to see any news but in newspaper u can read the news any time.
3.You can carry a newspaper anywhere .It is portable but Tv is not Portable.
4. Tv Show main points in brief but u can get detailed information in newspaper.
 5.and in case u forget what the information was u can always open a newspaper and revise it again.

Thnk u soooo much............u really solved my problms......!!!!!!!!!
It's very harmful as it causes problem in our eyes.
the news are fast going . i mean we cannot read it throughly
many times news only have headlines . no details are given .
we can cut the news that is important for us but in news of t.v. we can't

and after all everything is not perfectly correct or wrong . it depends on us , on our use . and misuse leads to destuction