To Dian Fossey, on her 82nd birthday. She studied mountain gorillas, and was a great zoologist; However, she was assassinated in her cabin December 26, 1985. The suspect was not yet found.You go looking out in the forest of Rwanda, and find a herd of gorillas wandering about in a clan of some sort. You further examine it, and find that they are talking over who brings the bananas over. They choose Gorilla #5, and you follow him on the journey to find bananas. The gorilla explains to you that each person will have a certain amount of bananas. It goes consecutive order: .Gorilla , also known as Gorilla Supreme, is the highest rank of the gorilla clan. So if Gorilla #5 needs to get himself and 10 others 330 bananas, how many bananas does Gorilla Supreme need/deserve?

gorilla supreme no more existed till the gorilla#5 brought bananas.. so "0"