Vertebrata are divided into five groups:
1. aves-birds
2. pisces- fishes
3.mammals- humans
4. reptilia-reptiles
5.amphibia- amphibians

some common characteristics are:

have exoskeleton of feathers
have four chambered heart
have hollow bones
flight is possible
warm blooded
lay eggs

have exoskeleton of scales
have aerodynamic body structure
cold blooded- to change the body temperature according to the water temp..
have gills for the respiration of dissolved oxygen
lay eggs

have hairs as the exoskeleton
four chambered heart
warm blooded
give birth to young ones

cold blooded 
have scales on the body
crawl for locomotion(movement)
have commonly three chambered heart accept crocodile
lay eggs


can survive on both land and water 
have both lungs and gills depending on the life stage
exoskeleton of mucus
three chambered heart
lay eggs

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