The origin of the rain water droplets is one and that is the clouds when they are falling on the ground the drops don't allow the light to pass through them.and after it to come out they splitter in seven colours called dispersion and we say it rainbow
i know that.....thanks ...but there are many droplets right....why do we see only one rainbow...pls help me out
in actual dre's not only one rainbow....we cnt see all rainbow...because some m8 nt fall within the visible range of our sight....every person see's a different rainbow according to the angle in wich he stands ...
oh....also we know that rainbow is formed right opposite to the sun...then how come each person can see a different rainbow.... i mean that the rain bow must be at one place right!! how does it depend on the angle with which a person sees it....pls help me out
if u carefully read about the rainbow in depth has got 2 layers the first one is the primary rainbow...second one is the secondary rainbow....the red and the violet has angles different in each one of them
ok ill read.thanks 4 ur help