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                     Consumption and Conservation of resources 

Firstly Resources are the god gifted material or things . We use them in our daily life or daily routine . For example use of petrol in car for travelling. It is very important in our life. The earth on which we live is also a resource which is very important for the living , the water , wind , trees etc are very important. Resources are of two types.

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                     1)Renewable              2)Non-Renewable

1)Renewable Resources 
are those resources which can be renewed in short period of time like water , trees etc

2)Non-Renewable Resources 
are those resources which cannot be renewed in short period of time like coal petroleum etc.

Consumption of Resources 
We take all the basic necessary need from the nature as a resource. But now due the overpopulation the consumption of these resources is also increasing.We are overusing and over exploiting these resources.

Why we need to conserve these resources ?

Conservation is the process for the prevention of natural resources. It is the sum total of activities which have both advantage and disadvantage. If we use them carefully it will definitely profit us and excessive use will lead to destruction in our life.
                           1) We need to conserve resource so that to maintain the ecological balance between human and plants for supporting life.

2)We conserve resources for sustainable management

3)For different kind of biodiversity.

As a responsible citizen we should conserve these resource 

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