What problems did Chuck present when he returned to the company headquaters?

what r u asking for/ to write an essay r story narrative phrases !
i wanted to describe a story of only 300 words and the topic is "INDIA'S HEROES" in which it is given "narrate how kabeer had prepared his assignment and describe the heroes that he mentions in the story" and the book is ICSE textbook A COLLECTION OF POEMS AND SHORT STORIES 9&10 2015 onwars.


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On January 4, chuck visited the local branch. this had been one of the district offices under his jurisdiction as zone manager. the staff was amazed to see him return, charles hooper told gordon doule, the manager, to bring him all the updates of the time hooper had stayed away. he started working one hour every day; he chose the empty desk in the ware house, hooper's move presented problems in the company's headquaters. chuck was fighting hard to come back, so nobody could tell him that he couldn't handle the job. besides it was a job of sales, what good can a salesman do, "who cannot move around, and can work only one hour a day?" however, hooper had the target set in his mind, march 1, a full day's work. it was duke who would pull chuck all the way till the office and then bring him back home, as well. 
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