Paranchyma - 1) it has a primary cell wall 
                     2) cell walls are thin 
                     3) cell wall is made up of cellulose

Collemchyma-1) it also  has a primary cell wall
                     2) cell walls are thick at corners 
                     3) cell wall is made up of cellulose

Sclerenchyma-1) it has a secondary cell wall  
                      2) cell wall is very thick reducing the cellular space of the                                 cell 
                      3) cell wall is made up of "lignin" 
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Parenchyma - Thin cell wall. May be oval spherical or polygonal.
Sclerenchyma- Cell wall is thick due to the presence of a chemical complex substance called lignin.
Collenchyma- Cell walls are thick and elongated with oblique ends.
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