India a country in Asia,
Highly populated and of course polluted
Is now effecting not only
 human health but also
The beautiful nature,
Which is an amazing gift of god.
Its high time now
To not only think but also to
Wake up and do something for our country.
Let us make it more beautiful
By just keeping it clean.


India a country in aisa ,
Populated and of course polluted.
Narendra modi ,
Our new prime minister,
Has started and have
Also contributed In the clean India mission.
our first and foremost duty,
is to make our nation clean and beautiful.
So , lets devote a bit time
To clean India…….


a mission  called clean india,
started by our prime miister ,
narendra modi 
which will probably last for 5 years.
we all should
contribute to see a 
clean india in future.
keeping our schools clean,
making our playgrounds and house gardens clean ,
cleaning the toilets.
will all help us to 
make our nation neat and clean.
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To clean entire environment
World citizens should try; 
Polluted earth and firmament
Will make all one day cry! 

The air we breathe be better clean, 
And smoke and smog be less; 
And public places must be green, 
And wear a beauteous dress.

Keep houses, neighborhoods too neat, 
Keep tidying all the time; 
Like separating chaff from wheat, 
Do this in every clime.