I have an idea.You can use a egg tray.Cut one line of it.i.e. including 4 spaces for keeping eggs.Paint it as a catterpillar.Draw eyes,mouth and other features on it.Let it Dry. Your best out of waste product is ready.
See i have tried mu best out of waste many times see if sometimes it happens u r doing something else so if there is some old chart paper and there is an absurd cut at its end in such a designable manner and ur chart paper is ready to use. 
if sometimes u need to make a project for something and the teacher u need to bring a chartpaper to cut a very good shape out of it then u dont need to buy another one u do what u cat it in any shape as said by the teacher and the side which was already used u paint with some color mixtures and ur paper for the project is ready with no waste of money and actually saving of ur money.
hope this helps u!!!!!!!!
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