An object of mass 1 kg travelling in a straight line with a velocity of 10 m s–1 collides with, and sticks to, a stationary wooden block of mass 5 kg. Then they both move off together in the same straight line. Calculate the total momentum just before the impact and just after the impact. Also, calculate the velocity of the combined object

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Chapter 9. Force and Laws of Motion




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M1 = 1 kg        v1 = 10 m/s         
m2 = 5 kg      v2 = 0
velocity after collision  =  v

total linear momentum before the impact = total linear momentum after the impact
     m1   v1  +  m2  v2 = (m1 + m2)  v
     1 * 10 + 5 * 0 = 6 * v
       => v = 1.667  m/sec

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