One day when i was returning from my tuition classes i saw a person riding very fast.the roads were not so broad for his car and this thing he also knew . everyone knew that today this car will injure someone but who will tell to that person ? and after all as all people had thought , the car injured a little puppy . it was a very cute and sweet puppy.and now it was badly injured. the tears flow from my eyes.there near was a veternary hospital where i went to treat the puppy. and whatever was to be happen, that happened but that person have to hear many scoldings of people . and that was best for him.
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There has been a hectic time and just 222 much traffic!so u take the long route around the hill and are in a hurry... the car in frnt takes a real slippery turns and does rash driving despite the fact that u r a 100 ft above a not al turns and slips can be in ur favour and sooo  the guy driving has made wrng judgements and goes ubder a huge rol....
the car toppled a couple of time and stops at the very edge in the cliff. u make ur very brave and generous move an hva succesfuly rescued them and maybe put some sense into him(maybee)
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so .......wat does a gentleman do to the grl who helped (marks hers the best)