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 Most prokaryotes reproduce asexually through binary fission. This is where the cell makes a duplicate of itself and one DNA molecule passes into a newly formed cell. These two cells are genetically identical.  Binary fission does not allow for the bacteria to acquire genetic diversity.  This diversity is needed for bacteria to withstand changing environments.  Bacteria have the ability to shuffle genes through several processes.  These processes include transfor During transformation, the bacterium they take up fragments of DNA from the soil and water, which was dead decomposed bacterium.  Conjugation is when a donor bacterium attaches itself to a recipient and transfers DNA through a tube called a pilus.  The fragments of DNA are in the form of plasmids.  Transuction involves transfer of DNA through a virus. This virus is known as Bacteriophage.  Through these processes bacteria can gain new traits which they could not obtain through binary fission only.  These traits can include the ability to withstand change in acidity, temperature and have the ability to resist antibiotics. mation, conjugation, and transduction. 
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