Save trees Save life
Trees are the most precious resources on earth. Without them life is impossible on earth. Trees give us oxygen the breathe of life. They provide us with hundreds of other necessities of daily life. Timber, gum , fruits , resins , paper etc being only a very few of them. On summer days like these they provide us with the valuable shade. I get goosebumps every time I think of what the world will be like without trees!

For years in the end, humans have exploited the forests, which has now led to serious problems like global warming etc. However, in the recent years there has been a vast increase in the awareness to protect trees. Now, humans from world around have joined hands to save the trees. I  feel proud to say that I too am contributing in this in my own small ways. We have formed a environment club at school where the students plant trees on sidewalks, small gardens etc and also take up the responsibility of  caring for the plants. 
              'The earth, our mother is calling out for help,
               don't keep your mother on hold'
                             Trees are precious , I will save them
Tress are the ones who has maintained the existence of human beings. They are the more essential resources for our earth. They provide many products that are very useful to us. Firstly and the most important is that they provide us with oxygen. They are a home to a tired traveller. They are a table for a carpenter. They provide the villagers and people living in nearby forests with juicy fruits to have a square meal a day. One can never even imagine a world without trees.

But we humans have been continuously exploiting the tress and forest s to fulfil our daily needs. Our selfishness is our biggest foolishness. But time is still left. We have to start caring about tress. we have to start caring about the nature and indirectly us. So, lets take pledge that we will plant trees and use them for our need and not for our greed.