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The answer is x to the power 44.
you are absolutely wrong because the answer is x but the only thing i wanted to know was how to solve this problem.
how did u get that?? o.O
X^2 - 1 | x^45                 | x^43 +x^41 +x^39 .............+x
          |x^45 -x^43           (on substracting)
          |         x^43
          |         x^43 - x^41            (on substracting)
          |          x^41
          |          x^41 - x^39            (on substracting)
          |           x^39
  and so on 

          |       x^3
          |       x^3 - x            (on substracting)
          |         x
so remainder is x
your answer is right and the method is also right but the method is too long and now i know the accurate method to solve it. if you want i will show you.
yes i want