The nightingale has scaled the height of success. But now the audience his twimbling,the frog is unhappy and reprimamel her all the time she is mentally and phisically exhauster and fear failure as the nightingale. Write a diary entry highlighting her fears and analysing the reason for her failure.CBSE "FROG AND THE NIGHTINGALE" POEM



1st December
I still remember the time when the bog creatures were pleasantly surprised to hear my soothing, sweet and divine voice. Everyone admired my song. My song was such a hit that the creatures requested me to sing again and again. But the gala days vanished away soon.
Now they are no longer interested in my song. Constant singing has damaged my vocal chords. I cannot sing melodiously as my voice has got hoarse and shanky. I am surprised and doleful at the indifferent attitude of the bog creatures. Even my master trainer, frog is annoyed with me and scolds me all the time. he keeps on reminding me that my song lacks a certain force and my singing is full of errors. Am I not a good singer? Will I ever be able to sing well? Perhaps not. because my song as lost its spontaneity and originality. the audience who used to applaud my song are now loosing interest and withdrawing. The frog constantly reprimands me because the total collection of money from the sale of tickets to my concert has fallen sharply. How will I pay the sixty shilling- the remaining fee for the training? I am mentally and physically exhausted. I shudder at the mere thought of being a failure where once I earned kudos for my singing.
Oh God! Please Help me