The fisherwomen are shouting out their prices to the buyers.
Mini — ‘‘Come here! Come here! Take sardines at Rs 40 a kg’’.
Gracy — ‘‘Never so cheap! Get sword-fish for Rs 60 a kg’’.
Floramma sells prawns for Rs 150 a kg.
Karuthamma sells squid for Rs 50 a kg.
1) At what price per kg did Fazila sell the kingfish?
2) Floramma has sold 10 kg prawns today. How much money did she get for that?
3) Gracy sold 6 kg sword fish. Mini has earned as much money as Gracy. How many kg of sardines did Mini sell?
4) Basheer has Rs 100. He spends one-fourth of the money on squid and another three-fourthonprawns.
a. How many kilograms of squid did he buy?
b. How many kilograms of prawns did he buy?



1. There is nothing about Fazila or the kingfish here!
2. Rs 1500
3. 9 kg
4. a) 1/2 kg squid
    b) 1/2 kg prawns
1 ======

2 1500

3 9 kg

4        a======== 0.5kg