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Westernisation is the cultural degration in my opinion because the westernisation leads our new generation to forget their own culture. it has many in the western culture children don't obey their elders and not even parents . and in our indian culture parents are treated as god.the clothes in the western culture are not good.
mainly a thing is not perfectly wrong or right . a thing contains the both sides a positive one and a negative one . it's very hard to symbolise it. and misuse leads to the destruction.
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Culture is not any  hard and fast rule changes r law of nature if indains wants to adopt some good things from western so its totallly acceptable .western culture has various practices and knowledge to which are very important to update  our knowledge .
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there is nothing good about westernisation, because it is formed from all misleadings and degenerative concepts of the primitive Eastern civilization. you have every right to speak out your own opinion but I would rather suggest you go to this website to know more about it.