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The act of mixing different species or varieties of animals or plants and thus to produce hybrids is called hybridization. the types of hybridisations are  sp3 ,sp2 and sp.

lets take ethyl acetate as example 

CH3 -- C = O 
                O -- CH2 --CH3 

first C atom has 4 single bonds -sp3
second C atom has 2 single and 1 double bond -sp2
third C atom has 4 single bonds-sp3
and fourth C atom has 4 single bonds -sp3
4 5 4
When s, p ,d orbitals mix to form a new hybrid orbital is called hybridization .the type of hybridization is sp, sp2, sp3 , sp3d, sp3d2 sp3d3
sp   CH≡CH
sp2  H2C=CH2
sp3  CH4
sp3d PCl5
sp3d2 SF6
sp3d3 IF7