The siatoms are the unique organisms,   because of there distinctive  cell walls the cell wall of diatoms is chifly composed of cellulose impregnated with glass like silica. it show sculturing  and  ornamentation.that why  Diatoms are also called as ‘pearls of ocean’,...diatomaceous earth is the accumulation of large deposit of diatoms that form a siliceous covering extending .the material obtained from these deposit is used in polishing and filtration of oil and syrups.Diatoms are unicellular algae which form distinct and beautiful cell walls from silica. They are widely distributed throughout the upper layers of the oceans of the world, and can also be found in fresh water or moist environments, such as the undersides of plants.. Because diatoms are so plentiful, they form an important part of the pelagic food chain, serving as a food source for most of the animals in the ocean, either directly or indirectly.
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