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The  turbines have a lot of cavities at it sides in which when steam enters due to so many cavity so many force and it rotates turbine.
Turbine is the series of multistage radial fan<blade> (varying in size)  use get the highest output, regarding in purpose of the  use. use fluid to produce work force.
eg:-the working principle of steam turbine is when a high pressure steam is passed through series of blade where the blade are place in an angle so that blade start to rotate .where as in jet turbine a mixture of air and fuel is ignited so that ignited fuel start to suck the air this start's the turbine fan to rotate by manipulating the inlet air and fuel in the engine the turbine will rotate fast enough to produce big force   
;jet turbine and fan jet turbine(new tech) .
;in producing electricity, steam turbine is used  ,gas turbine.wind turbine,water turbine  this are some of the turbine types