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Time is important because without it we cannot perform our task in a systematic manner ,each second has much importance in every ones life ;most of the people like mahatma gandhi;mother teresa etc are in such good positions due to good time management .Time is like a river once gone cannot get back so managing time is much necessary.
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it is very true that time is very important.wasting time actually means spoiling future.once a second passes , it never ever comes back again.

we never get a chance to rectify an irreversible mistake as the same time never comes back.we should value time and make use of each and every second  in the best way possible.

this may make us feeling irritating now but it will surely make us realize that we have done good now.our future would be better if we make correct use of every stop wasting time , wake up and start utilizing time to build better future.


so today's topic is time is,this topic looks just amazing.i am feeling very eager to write this speech.

i usually start all my speeches with quotes from internet but the topic for this speech is itself a quote.

i will first ask two questions.they are:
what is time?

time :the definition of time is quite difficult .but let me try,time is something that we measure in seconds,minutes and hours.we can know the time by using a wall clock or a wrist watch.

what does the word precious  mean?

if we say that some thing or some one is precious , then we mean that the thing or the person is very valuable and should not be waster or thrown easily.

"time is precious" :

we all know this that time is very valuable.a point of time when passes can never come back is a lesson for all of us that we should never waste time and enjoy and utilize each and every moment of our life.
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