the water was cold , i took a deep breath and jumped into mom asked not to do so but still my passion for swimming forced me to mom doesn't wants me to be a swimmer but my father  had always wished me to be a successful swimmer.he has taught me that hard word is the best way to win races.

                        today , all these forced to continue my practise even in this cold winter.i swimmed for about 2 hours.then my father came and said" dear please do your excercises".i replied 'ok papa ".then , i did all the important excercises and by the time i finished my practise , i was very hungry.
                     i went into my house ans said "please give my some snacks" to mom.she said 'first go to your room and freshen up yourself".i replied" ok my lovely mom '.my family along with me had our supper and we all went into our own rooms to perform our respective daily activities.
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