Mention the ploidy of the following: protonemal cell of a moss; primary endosperm nucleus in dicot, leaf cell of a moss; prothallus cell of a ferm; gemma cell in Marchantia; meristem cell of monocot, ovum of a liverwort, and zygote of a fern.
Ncert solutions for Class 11th Biology Chapter 3 Exercise 4




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Protonemal cell of a moss - haploid
Primary endosperm nucleus in dicot - triploid
Leaf cell of a moss - haploid
Prothallus cell of a fern - haploid
Gemma cell in Marchantia - haploid
Meristamatic cell of monocot - diploid
Ovum of a liverwort - haploid
Zygote of a fern - diploid
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