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29. To say that someone or something is a “peach” means that they are beautiful, excellent, or sweet.
30. When everything is “peaches and cream,” life is going well.
31. A “plum” assignment or job is a highly coveted one.
32. One is said to have “sour grapes” when one belittles something one covets but cannot obtain. these idioms are of FRUITS
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1. aasman se gire khajoor mein atke
2. ek annar sau beemar
3. aam ke aam , gutliyon ke daam
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1:-bander kya jnae adrk ka swad
2:-thali k bangan
3:-ghar ki murgi dal baraber
4:-naako chane chabwana
5:-ik fali m do tarah k matar
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