Classify the following into osmosis/diffusion
(a) Swelling up of a raisin on keeping in water.
(b) Spreading of virus on sneezing.
(c) Earthworm dying on coming in contact with common salt.
(d) Shrinking of grapes kept in thick sugar syrup.
(e) Preserving pickles in salt.
(f) Spreading of smell of cake being baked through out the house.
(g) Aquatic animals using oxygen dissolved in water during respiration.

Sciences - Exemplar Problems

Chapter 1. Matter in our Surroundings



Actually, diffusion and osmosis are two terms for the same phenomenon.
However in case of osmosis, the particles move from the lower concentration to higher concentration, through a "semi permeable membrane" .

(A) Osmosis. As water from the outside moves into the raisin through it's membrane by outside it swells up.

(B) Diffusion. Viruses rapidly diffuse with the air and spread to other places.

(C) Diffusion, The salt particles diffuse inside the earthworm's body through its skin which kills the earthworm.

(D) Osmosis. The sugar particles from the grapes move into the outer syrup through the semi permeable membrane of the grape.

(E) Osmosis. The fruits or vegetables used in the pickle, have the salt mving in them through their skins.

(F) Diffusion. The particles containing the smell of the cake diffuse with air to spread around.

(G) Diffusion. When aquatic animals breathe, the oxygen diffuses directly in their blood, without passing through any membrane.
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