The co-ed . is almost the gud system in certain schools , but here we could point out some of the advantages and as well as the disadvanages .
the school with co-ed is the gud system in which the both boy and a girl could contact without any restriction , we the people always claim that the boys are good at mathematics and civics becoz they are entusistic . here the girls who cannot pick in the part could easily understand their concept in the easy way . and the girl and the boys could easy know the mentallity and attitude of the both girls and the boys so they could easy contact or approch each other , this could help them in incresing their good friendship . a girl or a boy studys in girls school or in boys school respectivily for upto 5th standard now they are in co - ed they feel something different in the boy or girl 's look or behaviour so here develops the wrong mentality in the person's mind so they approach wrongly .

the co - ed system is as well as the destructive one in wich the the boy and the girl develops wrong friendship so that it may lead to someother problem namely crush the puppy love wich is really destructive where the girl or the boy dont accept or dont respond they are forced mentally to take a severe revenge on the person this which leads to the sppoiling of the both people . also here develops the bad competition . here some people are forced to be be attracted by some certain person wich lead to the distraction in the studies some person wantedly make the intelligens to get attracted them