Fill in the blanks:
(a) Evaporation of a liquid at room temperature leads to a——— effect.
(b) At room temperature the forces of attraction between the particles of
solid substances are———than those which exist in the gaseous state.
(c) The arrangement of particles is less ordered in the ——— state. However,
there is no order in the ——— state.
(d) ——— is the change of gaseous state directly to solid state without
going through the ———state.
(e) The phenomenon of change of a liquid into the gaseous state at any
temperature below its boiling point is called———.

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A)  Cooling effect...  as the latent heat of vaporization is taken away from the body or a plate or container,  body , plate or container gets cooled.

b)  Stronger than those..
c)  liquid state....  gaseous state

d) deposition is the ..... liquid state

e)  evaporation..

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