Mt Everest is at a height of 8850m. Its base is at an elevation of 5400 m. The temperature drops at a rate of 1°c per 100 m. If the temperature at the base is 5°c, what is the temperature at the top.

Do you know that the real rate of temperature drop is 1*C per 165 m not 100 m?



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The height of Mount Everest above the base =  8, 850 - 5, 400 = 3, 450 meters

If there is a temperature drop of  1 deg. C, per 100 meters, then there is a drop of  3450/100 = 34.5 deg C, to th peak.

so the temperature at the peak is 5 - 34.5 = - 29.5 deg C.

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