this question is wrong because we can make an folder named "con"
1. Right click on desktop
2. Make new folder
3. Type CON and ALT+255
we can not the only con name folder when we make the folder by your method it tke a space after con and the space has hide icon
use my step and you can create an folder with the name of "con"
ye step hi use kiya tha


Because it is the keyword of the pc
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PRX, AUX, NUL these are other keywords
thanx yar btane ke liye
Koi baat nahi
but a folder with a name "PRX " can be made
He asked for other "keywords" not keywords that cant be named for folders...
It's simple.

"CON" is a reserved keyword by DOS, Words like PRX, AUX, NUL are also reserved keywords. If you have a little knowledge on Java, you will also find the topic of keywords relevant.

It is not possible to use reserved words to name other stuff.
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